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Prayer powerful following murder near church

Posted February 19, 2016 at 12:00 am

The Catholic Commentator

Following any tragedy, many people find comfort in prayer.

Father Thomas Clark


For Father Thomas Clark, pastor of Immaculate Conception Church in Baton Rouge, turning to God was the right thing to do following a deadly shooting near his church, but he adds, prayer is just the start.

“We begin by praying, but prayer always leads to action,” Father Clark said.

“It isn’t like I just say a prayer and then go on with my business and forget about it, saying, ‘I did what I could do.’ Prayer changes us,” he added.

After learning

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    Page 20 st. clare photo 2PS.tif


    Residents at St. Clare Manor Nursing Facility in Baton Rouge recently enjoyed a Mardi Gras parade on a chilly but sun-splashed afternoon. Riders threw beads to eager residents, including resident Gladys Moses (top right), who was accompanied by her daughter, Aquanette. Photos by Richard Meek | The Catholic Commentator



    Practicing the Year of Mercy begins at home

    Good news, Mom and Dad! Take comfort in this Year of Mercy, because you’ve been living and teaching the corporal and spiritual works of mercy for years.

    When it comes to the corporal, day after day you’ve been: feeding the hungry (“What’s for dinner, Mom?”), giving drink to the thirsty (more so when the little ones couldn’t reach the faucet), clothing the naked (and clothing them again as your kids outgrow pants, shirts, coats and shoes overnight), sheltering the homeless (when they’re

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    A shirt of flame

    They say that the book you most need to read finds you when you most need to read it. I’ve had that experience many times, most recently with Heather King’s book, “Shirt of Flame, A Year with Saint Therese of Lisieux.”

    The title of the book is borrowed from T. S. Eliot’s, “Four Quartets,” where he famously suggests that love itself, God, is behind the torment we often feel in our fiery desires and that the burning we feel there is an

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    The touch of Christ

    This letter is in response to the letter to the editor from Rick Blackstone, Terry Cormier, Claude Culross, Joe Goodson, Errol Lemoine, and John Stuart Jr. I don’t dispute the fact that Jesus proclaims marriage as a covenantal relationship.

    I do dispute our response as God’s church to those whose marriages have broken for whatever reasons. I think what Sister Joel Gubler meant in her previous letter is that she cannot imagine Jesus denying his touch. Jesus always healed by touch. And the Eucharist is the kiss or touch

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    Comfort the afflicted

    While the corporal works of mercy often involve meeting the physical needs of others, the spiritual works of mercy are often a question of sharing the difficulties that life drops on others. When I was a campus chaplain at LSU we, students and some adult parishioners of Christ the King Church on the campus, used to prepare meals for one of the two St. Vincent de Paul shelters for men in Baton Rouge. We always ate with the homeless men the meal we had prepared. It was a wonderful way

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    Mending a relationship by examining oneself


    I’ll wait a little longer

    We’re weak and getting stronger

    I know it’s taking time to heal

    We’ll be unstoppable

    Don’t know what I did it for

    I needed to know that it was always real


    My head’s held high when we walk down the line, honey

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    Movie Reviews

    The Boy


    On the rebound from an abusive relationship with her boyfriend (Ben Robson), a young Montana woman (Lauren Cohan) takes a job as a nanny at a remote British mansion only to find that her charge is a spooky porcelain doll her elderly employers (Jim Norton and Diana Hardcastle) have substituted for their deceased son, insisting she treat it as they do exactly like a real child. When the couple departs for a vacation soon afterward, the au

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    Ascension Catholic honors distinguished alumni

    The Catholic Commentator

    Ascension Catholic High School Alumni Association recently named its 2015 Alumnus of the Year and Hall of Distinction inductees.

    Ascension Catholic High School alums recently recognized in a special ceremony by the school’s alumni association are, seated from left, Michelle Pizzolato Blanchard, Mary Graffeo Bergeron, Sandy Truxillo Mattingly and Karen Loup Petranick; back row, Mark Dubreuil, Darrell

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    School rallies around student fighting illness

    The Catholic Commentator

    Marley Harris was happy as can be on Nov. 7 as she watched “The Peanuts Movie” with her friend and classmate at Our Lady of Mercy School, Laura Purgerson. Little did anyone know then that just a couple of days later, Harris would be taken to Our Lady of the Lake Hospital barely able to walk and diagnosed with ependymoma, a brain tumor that arises from

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    st. peter chanelPS.tif


    Cecile Tillie George, the oldest graduate of St. Elizabeth Interparochial School in Paincourtville, was honored during the school’s Catholic Schools Week Mass on Jan. 31. George, a 1938 graduate of St. Elizabeth, is shown with her four great granddaughters, Madison, Isabella, Kiley and Charley George, all of whom are also St. Elizabeth students. Photo provided by Paula Simoneaux | St. Elizabeth School


    Students at St. Peter Chanel Interparochial School in

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    Mass, annual dinner highlight Catholic Schools Week celebration

    The Catholic Commentator

    Acknowledging that Catholic schools help “plant the seeds of faith” so students can excel academically and spiritually, Dr. Melanie Verges, superintendent of Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Baton Rouge, welcomed guests and parishioners to the annual Catholic Schools Week Mass on Feb. 3.

    Principals and students present gifts for the needy of the community shortly before the 2016 Catholic Schools Week Mass begins.

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    Baton Rouge man honored for cultivating faith formation among men

    The Catholic Commentator

    Mark Hermann digs into the treasures of his own faith and family life to help supply other Catholic men with the resources they need to live better lives.

    Mark Hermann, back row, right, was nationally recognized by Paradisus Dei lay ministry for exemplifying the teachings of its ministry with its St. Joseph Award. Celebrating his achievement with him

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    St. Joseph and St. Michael schools in Convent celebrated a reunion for students from both schools Feb. 6. Father Ed Fuss celebrated a Mass, and immediately following were short presentations from former students as well as former St. Michael pastor Father Frank Uter. A dinner featuring gumbo was then held in the old St. Michael school building. Photo by Richard Meek | The Catholic Commentator


    Funeral Mass for non-baptized

    Q I am a baptized Catholic who was married in a Catholic Church with a Mass. My husband and I raised all of our children Catholic, sent them to Catholic schools and have supported the church financially throughout our married life. My husband was never baptized in any faith. (His family considered themselves nonsectarian Christians but never had any of their children baptized.)

    Will my husband be allowed to have a Catholic funeral Mass when the

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    State presents award to CCDBR

    The Catholic Commentator

    As budget cuts to state agencies continue to diminish social services, private entities, such as Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Baton Rouge, have displayed a willingness to help fill in the gaps.

    Department of Children and Family Services Secretary Suzy Sonier recently presented the agency’s inaugural Faith in Families Award to Catholic Charities Diocese of Baton

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    Pope makes long-awaited visit to Our Lady of Guadalupe

    MEXICO CITY (CNS) – Pope Francis fulfilled his much-desired wish to pray in silence before the miraculous image of Our Lady of Guadalupe

    After celebrating the first Mass of his papal trip to Mexico Feb. 13, the pope made his way to the “camarin” (“little room”) behind the main altar of the basilica dedicated to Mary. The miraculous mantle, which normally faces the congregation, can be turned around to allow a closer and

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    Page 3 scalia photoPS.tif

    Antonin Scalia, Supreme Court justice, dies

    WASHINGTON (CNS) – Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, the longest-serving justice on the Supreme Court, died of apparent natural causes at a resort in West Texas Feb. 13. He was 79.

    Scalia, a Catholic, was appointed in 1986 by President Ronald Reagan. Five of the remaining eight justices also are Catholic.

    In a statement, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott called Scalia “a man of God, a patriot and an unwavering defender of the written

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    page 2 behind the collarPS.tif

    Father Donald Blanchard


    Q  How did you develop an interest in becoming an iconographer of religious subjects?

    A  I have always been intrigued by religious iconography. Three years ago a friend of mine was telling me that she was in a class learning the art of writing religious icons. I told her if there was ever an opening I would love to join the group. At that very time there was and I was invited to join and have fallen in love with this prayer form. We call

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    Flying high

    Media reports, such as the ones coming out of Pope Francis’ Latin American visit, will often refer to the aircraft transporting the pontiff as “Shepherd One.”

    Given that the president of the United States traverses the globe in Air Force One, the Shepherd One moniker would appear to have some merit.

    However, “Shepherd One” is more of a creation of the United States media and definitely not an official term. Actually, the papal plane does not have any official name.

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    Page 2 treasures of the diocese photo 2PS.tif

    St. Pius X crucifix

    A massive and beautiful crucifix carved by Darrell Southern of Shawnee, Kansas is a prominent feature at St. Pius X Church in Baton Rouge, complementing each eucharistic celebration. The hand-crafted, life-sized sculpture was acquired by the church parish in 1993. To accommodate the 10-foot by 5-foot cross, a wall had to be erected behind the altar, necessitating the choir be moved to an area to the right of

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    Volunteer planting the seeds of success

    The Catholic Commentator

    Reginald Brown is a familiar face to those coming into the Gardere Initiative to receive vital services or just say “hello.” It’s something he’s happily “at home with” after a life of traveling to serve his country and communities where he was planted.

    Reginald Brown places tiles the children painted for benches in a neighborhood park in the Gardere area. Photo provided by Reginald Brown


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    Page 1 Ashes 0997.tif


    Gov. John Bel Edwards receives ashes during Mass at St. Joseph Cathedral on Feb. 10. Edwards was among millions of Catholics who received ashes worldwide on the first day of Lent. Photo by Richard Meek | The Catholic Commentator

    Page 1 Isabelle at thibodeaux memorialPS.tif


    Accidental shooting claims teacher’s life



    A growing memorial honoring Holy Family School teacher Mrs. Emiley Thibodeaux (top left) was created after her accidental shooting death on Feb. 5; Mrs. Thibodeaux’s third-grade students Megan Riddle (top right) and Isabelle Hernandez (bottom left) place owls on her memorial. Photos by Penny Saia and Debbie Shelley |

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    BREAKING NEWS: In Zika outbreak, contraceptives may be ‘lesser evil,’ pope says

    By Cindy Wooden Catholic News Service

    ABOARD THE PAPAL FLIGHT FROM MEXICO (CNS) — With physicians across Central and South American urging women to postpone pregnancy because of the Zika virus that causes birth defects, Pope Francis said using contraceptives could be a “lesser evil.”

    Holding a news conference Feb. 17 on his way back to Rome after a six-day visit to Cuba and Mexico, the pope was asked if the use of artificial contraceptives or abortion could be considered “a

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    BREAKING NEWS: Building walls to keep immigrants out is not Christian, pope says

    ABOARD THE PAPAL FLIGHT FROM MEXICO (CNS) As the plane carrying him back to Rome from Mexico was flying over Texas, Pope Francis insisted building walls to keep immigrants out of one’s country is un-Christian.

    Holding his customary in-flight news conference Feb. 17 after a six-day trip that ended at the Mexico-U.S. border, Pope Francis was asked about his reaction to U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump’s proposal that the United States extend the fence along the full length of the border and his comments to Fox

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    Christianity ‘running on fumes,’ U.S. bishop tells eucharistic congress

    CEBU, Philippines (CNS) – Los Angeles Auxiliary Bishop Robert Barron said popular culture’s message of individuals being “infinitely right” is “repugnant to (Catholics’) eucharistic faith.” But he also said Christianity is “running on fumes” as it tries to counter the trend of people leaving the church or staying away from the Eucharist.

    “To stretch out like someone dying of hunger is the right attitude toward the Eucharist,” Bishop Barron said at the 51st International Eucharistic Congress. “What’s sad today is so many in the Catholic world have

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    Page 19 st. joe chapel blessing photo 1PS.tif


    Above, left, Bishop Robert W. Muench blesses the new tabernacle before Mass at St. Joseph Chapel located on the Catholic Life Center campus on Jan. 21. Above right, he is shown blessing the new altar. The chapel has a new altar, tabernacle, presider’s chair and ambo, all handcrafted by Baton Rouge woodworker Patrick Ricard. Plans also include hardwood floors to be installed in the sanctuary. Pictured with the bishop

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    The kiss of God on the soul

    What is the real root of human loneliness? A flaw within our make-up? Inadequacy and sin? Or, does St. Augustine’s famous line, “You have made us for yourself, Lord, and our hearts are restless until they rest in you, say it all?

    St. Augustine’s adage, for all its merit, is not quite enough. We are infinite souls inside finite lives

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    Bishop Muench.pdf

    Reconciliation offers opportunity to experience God’s mercy

    The Extraordinary Jubilee Year of Mercy! As we know, our revered Pope Francis has declared this a Holy Year of Mercy. What a blessing for us who want to grow more connected to Jesus, our ultimate good shepherd. What a welcomed opportunity to acknowledge our sins through the sacrament of reconciliation, and powerfully experience the merciful love of Jesus.

    The Treasure of Sacred

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