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Youth will investigate the mysteries of God at annual conference

Posted February 10, 2016 at 12:00 am

The Catholic Commentator

Catholic youth will assume the role of FBI agents and be on the grounds of the Catholic Life Center on Saturday, Feb. 20 seeking one subject of interest: God, who will testify to himself.

This year’s Diocesan Youth Conference, themed “FBI: Faith Based Investigators,” will focus on the mysteries of the Catholic faith: the history of Catholics as a people of faith, the sacraments, reconciliation, the Mass and eucharistic adoration, according to Tim Messenger, associate director of youth and young adult ministry for the Diocese of Baton Rouge.

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    Christianity ‘running on fumes,’ U.S. bishop tells eucharistic congress

    CEBU, Philippines (CNS) – Los Angeles Auxiliary Bishop Robert Barron said popular culture’s message of individuals being “infinitely right” is “repugnant to (Catholics’) eucharistic faith.” But he also said Christianity is “running on fumes” as it tries to counter the trend of people leaving the church or staying away from the Eucharist.

    “To stretch out like someone dying of hunger is the right attitude toward the Eucharist,” Bishop Barron said at the 51st International Eucharistic Congress. “What’s sad today is so many in the Catholic world have

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    Above, left, Bishop Robert W. Muench blesses the new tabernacle before Mass at St. Joseph Chapel located on the Catholic Life Center campus on Jan. 21. Above right, he is shown blessing the new altar. The chapel has a new altar, tabernacle, presider’s chair and ambo, all handcrafted by Baton Rouge woodworker Patrick Ricard. Plans also include hardwood floors to be installed in the sanctuary. Pictured with the bishop

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    Coming Events

    Pro-Life Mass – A pro-life Mass will be celebrated Tuesday, Feb. 9, 5:30 p.m., at St. Agnes Church, 749 East Blvd., Baton Rouge. For information, call 225-383-4127.

    Catholic Scouting – A training for adults to become religious emblems counselors for scout troops will be held Sunday, Feb. 14, 1-5 p.m. at the Our Lady of Mercy Parish Activity Center, 445 Marquette Ave., Baton Rouge. For information visit or call 225-753-7046.

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    The kiss of God on the soul

    What is the real root of human loneliness? A flaw within our make-up? Inadequacy and sin? Or, does St. Augustine’s famous line, “You have made us for yourself, Lord, and our hearts are restless until they rest in you, say it all?

    St. Augustine’s adage, for all its merit, is not quite enough. We are infinite souls inside finite lives

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    Reconciliation offers opportunity to experience God’s mercy

    The Extraordinary Jubilee Year of Mercy! As we know, our revered Pope Francis has declared this a Holy Year of Mercy. What a blessing for us who want to grow more connected to Jesus, our ultimate good shepherd. What a welcomed opportunity to acknowledge our sins through the sacrament of reconciliation, and powerfully experience the merciful love of Jesus.

    The Treasure of Sacred

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    Forgive offenses willingly

    We all remember Jesus’ teaching to his apostles that they should forgive offenses “seventy times seven times,” which means an unlimited number of times in the familiar speech of his day. That is often difficult for us when we have been attacked verbally, and so much more difficult when the attack has been violent. The unexpected natural death of Derrick Todd Lee, the brutal serial killer who took the lives of at least seven innocent young women in our area of Louisiana, has opened painful memories and feelings in

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    More than a law

    Recently in the Catholic Commentator, (Jan. 8, 2016) scriptural references are presented to justify the current practice of disallowing reception of Eucharist by divorced and remarried individuals. The authors first cite St. Mark (10: 11-12). I decided to read for myself the entire section in that it deals with “marriage and divorce” (Mk 10:1-12).

    As the authors suggest, Jesus verifies the law forbidding adultery. He references the creation story that from the beginning and clearly indicates ancient law forbids divorce.

    So how

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    Look beyond the jersey

    In a recent issue of The Catholic Commentator the election of John Bel Edwards was presented as a rejection of the current state administration. I disagree. My wife and I voted for Edwards because a very good friend from Amite assured us he is a good man. The only other time we have voted for the democratic candidate was when Edwin Edwards ran against David Duke, but that was following the directive of the bumper stickers that read, “Vote for the crook, it’s important.”

    I am amazed of how

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    Looking for the light during dark moments


    Life will come our way, it has only just begun

    The world will die alone, the frail will fall below

    Time will take our place, we return it back to one

    The calm before the cold, the long and lonely road

    Look for the light that leads me home

    Tired of feeling lost, tired of letting go


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    Movie Reviews

    Movie Reviews

    The Masked Saint


    Unlikely yet fact-based story of a professional wrestler-turned-pastor (Brett Granstaff) who resumes his career in the ring to raise money for his crumbling church while also fighting crime as a masked vigilante by night. He draws encouragement in his against-the-odds day job and inspiration to rethink his sideline from his supportive wife (Lara Jean Chorostecki) and from an elderly parishioner (Diahann Carroll) who’s witty and wise as well as devout.

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    Our Lady of Mercy School second-grader Grace Buras, right, and her brother Reed witnessed history Jan. 14 when President Barack Obama visited Baton Rouge. They shook the president's hand and saw Air Force One take off. As they waited to see the president, a Secret Service agent recognized their “Mercy” gear and told them that he was a fellow Blue Jay many years ago. Photo provided by Christy Haldane | Our Lady of Mercy School

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    Students in Cindy Wagner’s third-grade B-Quest class at Holy Ghost School were selected to have their poems published in a book called “A Celebration of Poets.” The poems, all written in the classical Japanese Tanka genre, were entered into Creative Communication’s Fall 2015 national poetry contest. Students pictured with their certificates are, front row, from left, Ava Gangi, Carsyn Couvillion, Hayden Guidry, Ross Perrilloux, Tanner Anderson and Carmen Brownlow; second row, Zachary Clark, Caroline Beard, Brennan Fugarino, Haley Imes, Kaylee Sedberry, Ashlynn Forrest and

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    First-grade students at St. Thomas More School use hands-on learning activities to understand how tools make work easier. The Simple Machines Day, hosted by parent volunteers, had students lifting sand bags with pulleys and using wheels, axles and ramps to move objects with less effort. They also manipulated magnets to see how poles react to each other and made personal pizzas to discover how everyday kitchen tools are also just simple machines. Photo provided by Kristi

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    Throw Me Something, Mister

    Five-year-old Paige Alexander, a kindergarten student at St. Joseph School in Ponchatoula, gets in the Mardi Gras spirit while participating in the school’s annual wagon parade on Jan. 29. Alexander’s “My Little Pony” was just one of the many “floats” taking part in this year’s parade. The pre-k and kindergarten students selected their wagon themes with many helping to decorate, too. Each “float” was pulled by a seventh- or eighth- grade student while the rest of the student body came out to catch

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    Youth will investigate the mysteries of God at annual conference

    The Catholic Commentator

    Catholic youth will assume the role of FBI agents and be on the grounds of the Catholic Life Center on Saturday, Feb. 20 seeking one subject of interest: God, who will testify to himself.

    This year’s Diocesan Youth Conference, themed “FBI: Faith Based Investigators,” will focus on the mysteries of the Catholic faith: the history of Catholics as a

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    Tickfaw site a spiritual oasis

    The Catholic Commentator

    On any given Saturday morning, when the constantly changing south Louisiana weather is pleasant, Bill Clattenburg and his wife Sharlane head outside to do yard work. It’s a routine common to many homeowners, but the Clattenburg’s are not home.

    Statues of Mary and the Immaculate Heart of Jesus stand outside a small chapel built for prayer and reflection on the

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    St. Jean Vianney teams home at last

    The Catholic Commentator

    A lot of action took place at the new St. Jean School Vianney School and Parish gymnasium on Jan. 20. The basketball was rapidly passed around and tossed through the net, the band “pumped up the jam” with music, and the cheerleaders led the crowd in boisterous cheers as some did the wave. When the buzzer sounded, the scoreboard told the story – the Gators were the

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    Blizzard leaves pro-life teens disappointed but find warmth in faith

    The Catholic Commentator

    “What do we want? A culture of life! How do we get it? Prayer and sacrifice!” was the cry of youth of the Diocese of Baton Rouge as they traveled to Washington, D.C. to participate in March for Life.

    Youth who returned home early from the March for Life Rally in Washington, D.C. showed their pro-life spirit

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    Our duty to those who doubt

    Recently, I received a letter from a person desperate because his brother left the church in anger, saying a lot of what the church teaches is a myth. I told the person I would pray for the situation. But I imagine there are a lot of similar situations out there.

    Here are a few thoughts to help you sort things out, if this is the case. It doesn’t take much to see that there is much hatred, vicious violence and warfare in

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    Saints in the Mass/Distractions at Mass

    Q In the Canon of the Mass, we honor the saints Linus, Cletus, Clement, Sixtus, Cornelius, Cyprian, Lawrence, Chrysogonus, John and Paul, Cosmas and Damian.

    The church recognizes more than 8,000 saints, many of whom are much better-known than that list in the Canon. Couldn’t we draw more inspiration from saints whom we know a bit about – perhaps St. Francis of Assisi, St. Patrick, St. Anthony of Padua, St. Therese of Lisieux, St. Teresa of Avila, St. Joan of Arc, St.

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    St. Francis Xavier recently celebrated the first 100 days of the school year with numerous activities. Pictured are first-grade teacher Latisha Walker with student Jada Williams. Photo provided by Paul Fabre | St. Francis Xavier School

    Ruling disappoints pro-life supporters

    The Catholic Commentator

    A federal judge’s ruling striking down a key component of Louisiana’s abortion law was met with disappointment from pro-life officials and a promise by the state attorney general to appeal.

    On Jan. 26, U.S District Judge John deGravelles issued a 112-page ruling saying the portion of the abortion law requiring abortion clinic doctors to have admitting privileges to a hospital with obstetrical and gynecological services within 30

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    Catholic schools reaccreditated

    The Catholic Commentator

    Catholic schools in the Diocese of Baton Rouge received good news on Jan. 27 as the system was recommended for reaccreditation through 2021.

    The recommendation followed a three-day visit by a team of educators who visited with diocesan schools and spoke with local parents, teachers, school board members and administrators.

    Dr. Melanie Verges, superintendent of the Catholic Schools in the

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    Churches encouraged to participate in Lenten program

    The Catholic Commentator

    Reconciliation and forgiveness are at the heart of Pope Francis’ call for the Jubilee Year of Mercy, a time when the pontiff is inviting active Catholics to deepen their faith and those who have fallen to return to the church.

    That mandate for mercy is the reason the Office of Evangelization and Catechesis is recommending churches use Father Henri Nouwen’s widely

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    Bishop Robert W. Muench speaks during Archbishop Francis B. Schulte’s funeral Jan 28 at St. Louis Cathedral in New Orleans. Archbishop Schulte, who served in the Archdiocese of New Orleans from 1989-2002, died Jan. 17 in Philadelphia. Bishop Muench served as vicar general for Archbishop Schulte. Photo by The Clarion Herald

    Education dollars may be at risk during special legislative session

    The Catholic Commentator

    The Louisiana Legislature will convene St. Valentine’s Day for a special fiscal session, but at the end of the three-week session lawmakers may be left asking, “Where is the love?”

    Newly-minted Gov. John Bel Edwards called the special session with the goal of not only identifying ways to close the state’s $700 billion budget shortfall in the current fiscal year, but also to address an expected $1.9

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    Bring on the etouffee!

    For many Catholics, Lent brings on those dreaded Fridays of abstinence, when meat and chicken are not on the menu. Naturally, for those of us fortunate enough to call southeast Louisiana home, Fridays during Lent are eagerly anticipated and a holiday season of its own, with visions of crawfish boils and shrimp po-boys tantalizing one’s appetite.

    Abstinence goes back to the early days of the church and at one time restrictions were considerably more severe, but those have been

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    Pictures from the Past

    Bishop Stanley J. Ott is shown distributing ashes to employees of the Catholic Life Center during Mass in the Resurrection Chapel on Feb. 8, 1989. Catholics throughout the Diocese of Baton Rouge as well as worldwide will celebrate Ash Wednesday Feb. 10. Photo provided by the Archives Department, Diocese of Baton Rouge

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    Immaculate Conception Gate of Mercy

    The Gate of Mercy on the north part of the campus at Immaculate Conception Church in Denham Springs has an important part in the church parish’s history. When the church celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2010, it opened the gate, which prior to 1964, was at the entrance of the campus when it was pasture and woods. Long-time usher Richard Young saved the gate when the property was developed and gave it to the church for its anniversary celebration. The church opened the gate

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